Suman Biswas has more than 8 years of experience in software industry experience on Microsoft, SAP and Adobe Flash scripting technologies. He has spend his major experience in coding, analysis, designing and to solution for business. Though he has worked in multiple technologies but had worked mainly in Microsoft .Net technologies including C#.Net, ASP.Net starting from version 1.1. In Database he has worked in SQL Server 2000, 2005 and 2008 to develop views, stored procedures using TSQL script.

Apart from Microsoft Technology he has worked in Adobe Flash Action Script 2 for long time to develop online game, image processing software GUI with 2D dynamic animation for clients.

Suman got chance to work in SAP Technologies in 2010. He took training on SAP BI and start working as lead from early 2011. After working for 2 years on BI he got another chance in SAP HANA modeling and XSJS service programming.

Also he has exposure in open source technologies like MySQL, JavaScript, JQuery, D3js, HTML5, CSS 3. He devoted lots of time to develop software and did some experiment about how these can use in software in different way to develop better application. Using these open source technologies  he developed multiple websites for people to freely use.

Suman has worked experience starting from very small companies to leading multinational companies in India (Calcutta) and UK (London) for multiple years.